Body bliss on a budget

The world and her wife want to get fit. Instagram is overloaded with angular yoga posing people, sweaty abs and pics of today's training session. Exercise can be an edifying force in your life. Yes we may want to shout about how many bodyweight pull-ups we can do or our excellent 5K time. But it's the way exercise helps our mind body and soul evolve to a place of contentment that is the real gold at the end of the HIIT rainbow. Gyms, yoga classes, personal trainers, equipment and exercise clothing can tally up to a princely sum. And is surely prohibitive to many. But, I am here to tell you, the cost of entry to health and wellness is not monetary. The cost of entry is something we all have inside of us, determination, resilience, commitment. If you tap into those three elements and use my cheap exercise tips and tricks you can attain your body bliss on a budget.

BodyRock - free

The lovely northern Lisa heads up the body rock team. The 12 minute high intensity training videos are on their site and YouTube. They are in abundance so you will never get bored. You can sign up to the programs and watch the videos whenever you want to, plus some other benefits. However you can utilise the free videos and still get great results. I have worked with the free videos and the paid training programs and I can confirm that both are brilliant. Lisa is a very down-to-earth girl-next-door who makes you feel at ease. You can purchase their equipment or use what you have around you in your living room.

Yoga with Adriene - free

Yoga with Adriene is a YouTube channel with an immense variety of yoga workouts from chilled yoga to more intense workouts. Again Adriene is a likeable lovely person who will guide you through great workouts with silly jokes and a few giggles added for good measure. If she uses blocks she will always give you ideas of what use or a different way to do the posture.


Map My Run - free

This free app will help you to log your running and walking times and speeds. You can sign up to the paid service but the free one is probably all you need. This is a useful tool to measure your improvement without the cost of a runner's watch. You can also connect with friends through the app to see what they are doing and to congratulate them on their successes.


Fitness Buddy £2.29

This fitness app shows you a wide variety of exercises for toning your body and growing muscle. You can browse by muscle and by the equipment that you have. Each exercise is demonstrated for you with a real person so that you can get your technique and posture correct (very important so that you don't injure yourself). This is a great app for those of you who don't know many exercises or who have a mind like a sieve (like me!) and just can't remember them all. Being able to browse by muscle is fantastically useful as you can ensure that you are getting a full body workout. Browsing by equipment is also very useful if you are a home-gymmer and only have certain types of equipment.


This brings us on to the equipment that you may need. I have minimised the equipment that I have so that it reduces clutter in my house and keeps costs down.


Running Shoes £30+

A good pair of running shoes are necessary if you are going to run. I see too many people wearing flat bottomed shoes but you can buy very cheap good running shoes. Outlet stores sell great running shoes at discount prices. There are now many outlet shopping centres which feature many of the most well known sports shops. If you don’t have one of these near to you try TK Maxx.



I use one set of adjustable weights period these weights take up much less space than if I had the full selection of the various weights. It is easily adjustable and feels very secure when I'm using it. This was bought from Argos for £100.



This isn't absolutely necessary because you can use a coffee table if it is stable enough. This bench was bought from Argos again for £50. It is a little bit wobbly so I would not recommend that you buy this one but you can buy a similar from Argos and Amazon.


Pull-up bar bought from Argos for £15. The pull up bar is easily attached to a door frame and is very sturdy. It is particularly useful as it's a piece of equipment that is pretty much out of the way and you can hang Rings from it.


Olympic rings with straps from Amazon for £15

These rings add another dimension to your workout as you will be able to use your body weight to exercise different muscles and are pretty fun to (try) to get the hang of.  


With this equipment I created my own home gym which has done a brilliant job for the last year and will continue to do so for years to come The total cost is £212.29 which will buy you just 7 months at a mid-range gym….and you won’t have to brave the winter cold for that 6am spin class!


Danaliese Radley