LUSH COOKALONG - smoothie bowls, handrolls and cacao truffles

Everyone had an array of fruit and superfoods to mix into and put on top of their smoothie bowl. This is an easy healthy breakfast that you can tailor to your own tastes. 

The second dish we made, veggie handrolls, is an easy recipe that both kids and adults love. The recipe is simple - nori (seaweed paper), cooked sushi rice, raw veggies, coriander and chives. The trick is assembling the rolls. It took me many times to get the technique right to produce tight pretty rolls. 

Frill is available from Ocado, Waitrose and some health food shops. Click here for more info. 

At the Lush flagship store on Oxford street in London we got creative and played with our food! I taught shoppers how to create 3 recipes whilst letting their artistic side out and getting their hands dirty. The event was sponsored by Frill, a company that produce the best healthy vegan ice cream in the UK. They were on hand to supply our audience and students with their amazing three flavours of ice cream. In the first recipe, superfood smoothie bowl, we used the Frill ice cream as the base. 

Makes 1 large portion - 

1 banana, 1/4 tub of berry Frill*, 1/4c dairy free milk, 1 handful baby spinach, 1t beetroot powder - blend till smooth, pour into a bowl, top with seeds, fruit, herbs, nuts etc. 

*you can substitute with a cup of frozen raspberries

The nori is folded in half and separated. Rice is put on the left side and pushed down. The veggies are added at a 45 degree angle. Roll from the bottom left corner going over the veggies, past the centre and to the end in a crescent shape. 

The final recipe, Chocolate Truffles, are a versatile recipe that you can add your own flavours to. This was a running theme through the event as I want to encourage you to make recipes your own. Learning a base recipe and then being able to freestyle on top of it speeds up cooking and it's way more fun!

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