Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine

At the first London Vegfest in 2013, working as a volunteer, I picked up a handful of free magazines, Vegan Health & Fitness. I had recently transitioned from cardio workouts (mainly running) to lifting weights and toning exercises. 

January 2016 Edition - as you can tell I am a little bit excited about this!

March 2016 Edition - I'm still VERY excited!!!

All of my information about this way of exercising had been scraped together from many hours of trawling through the interweb; trying to decipher fact from fiction, bodacious claims from scientific evidence. VH&F showcases many vegan powerlifters and bodybuilders. This was my first realisation that Vegan Bodybuilding was becoming its' own movement. The magazine features many athletes from all sports but its' main bulk (pardon the pun) is bodybuilding. 

The athletes were an inspiration, they showed me what could be achieved in size and shape but also how their bodies can usurp one very prominent assumption about vegans - that we are physically weak. The magazine gave me the knowledge and encouragement I needed to continue this part of my journey. I found new role models; Robert Cheeke, Anastasia Vegan Warrior, Torre Washington, Dragon Coltrin. People are at the heart of this magazine, most of the pages feature a smiling face, many muscles and great recipes! 

In 2014 I contacted the editor, Brenda Carey, asking to write for the magazine. I loved Brendas' positivity and friendliness, although I did not write for them at that point. Towards the end of 2015 I planned to contact Brenda to push for writing for the magazine. I didn't have to....she beat me to it. Completely out of the blue Brenda emailed me asking me to write a piece for the magazine. The universe had truly listened and delivered!

In my first article for them I took a the English saying goes. I took a risk, a leap in the dark. My article '5 lessons learnt in 5 years as a chef' was different to most pieces in the magazine. I combined personal development + personal story + vegan + food.  As the inspiration was abundant I wrote a second piece on food tradition, pairing it with an image of me doing a cooking demonstration at the sold out Vegfest Show in London 2015 (a beautiful circular reference to my journey). I sent these articles plus a recipe to Brenda. 

Her response was not what I had expected.....Brenda asked me to be a regular writer for the magazine, with features and recipes in every bi-monthly edition! I was obviously thrilled. The magazine is international and focussed on healthy vegan food......the central focus of all of my work. I would be alongside the people who inspired and motivated me. 

My first issue came out in January 2016 during Veganuary, a campaign to help people try veganism for the month of January. This was a very special time for veganism in the UK, veganism was EVERYWHERE. It was a perfect moment to start my journey with VH&F.

For me the magazine is not only about promoting veganism it is also a tool to show a different type of female beauty. For too long images of emaciated women have proliferated the media; unattainable, unhealthy and disempowering. These images are arguably the cause of much pain and suffering for many. The women in VH&F are strong, sassy and sparkling. And, most importantly, entirely healthy!!!! 

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