I don't believe that you need another collection of recipes. I believe that what you need, what will truly help you to live a life of health and wellbeing, is for you to be your own private chef. This means having the knowledge and skills to provide yourself with speedy easy top-notch posh-nosh.

It is a true, yet counter intuitive, fact that we are more willing to help others than to help ourselves. You may deny this but have you ever visited a sick friend to find they hadn't been doing all they could to help themselves? So you did all of those things for them whilst mildly reprimanding them for not taking care of themselves. And of course there will have been times when you were the patient and your friend, your saviour. 

We are all willing to help others achieve wellness yet we hesitate to do this fully for ourselves. 

I will guide you through the role of being a healthy eating private chef so that you can give yourself and your diet the 5 star bespoke treatment it deserves. The steps, once implemented, will streamline your food behaviour so that you can reach optimum wellbeing. 

The chef-cheats give you insider knowledge, giving you the ability to create food with speed, ease and enjoyment.

After this learning process you will be able to create dishes on the fly....no recipe needed. However, on your journey to that destination you may need a few recipes so I have included a few of those too. All dishes can be created in under 15 minutes, some as little as 5. But I will train you so well that you will create your own recipes in a flash.

Are you in?

Say 'Yes, Chef!'