we love to share food in a social setting. this can be a wonderful edifying experience. however if you are sacrificing your health it does not serve you. we can feel a huge amount of social pressure to go to restaurants or gatherings and to eat what everyone else is eating. you can get around this problem with a little ingenuity.

you can use 'stealth health', a practice whereby you are maintaining your healthy diet whilst not flagging this to your companions. you do not need to proclaim to the whole table that are on a diet or choosing to eat healthily. in fact it is probably better not to, in my experience this can make some people feel guilty and act defensively about their diets. you can order a selection of sides if there are no main meals that are healthy with the excuse of not being very hungry. you can call the restaurant before the event to ask if they can make something for you. many restaurants are happy to do this or they can advise on which dish already suits your needs or can be slightly adapted. another trick, and one i have used often, is selecting the restaurant yourself. you can say that you have heard great things about this place, a friend recommended it, you have been dying to try it for ages etc. you needn't choose the raw vegan eaterie either. many japanese and thai restaurants serve both healthy and not-so-healthy food, a selection that will please you and your friends. and this selection won't give your game away. 

when eating with others you are sure to hear phrases such as 'one bite won't kill you' 'you're in great shape already' etc. and of course this is a personal decision that you have to make. but if you do not want to deviate from your 100% healthy diet it is useful to remember that your diet is your diet. after working your way through all of these steps you are in control of it. giving into others will not help you to achieve your goals. this is your life. your body. your diet. no one else's.

it is up to you to make this the best life you can possibly live.  


dude! you're there! now you have completed all of the steps and brought them into your life you have the tools and the knowledge to be your own personal chef. to give yourself the bespoke high end service that you and your diet deserves. of course it will take time for these practices to become habit. revisit the steps if you feel your diet slipping. try to find out which one you are not using fully. and adjust. this is a learning process. 

if you need any help just holler. I am always happy to help in any way that i can. this is a learning process for me to so I would love to hear what has and has not worked for you 

love, light, happiness and health

chef day xxx