The Western world has not recognised that our bodies can vary from one another significantly when it comes to nutrition. Yet this fact has been recognised in both Ayervedic and Chinese nutrition for thousands of years. Yes, western science recognises allergies and, more recently, intolerances. But that is all. 

Our bodies are not blueprints of one original design. Our bodies are as unique as our personalities. the way that food interacts with our bodies is determined by many environmental factors. genetics plays only a small part in this. those environmental factors we encountered from the moment of our conception up to this point of being has shaped our inner environment. the bacteria you came into contact with as a new born, the antibiotics you have taken, the trials and tribulations that life has thrown at you, the air you have drawn into your body.....all of these things and many others have affected you...changed you. and ultimately changed the way that you react to food. even if you have an identical twin they will not react in the same way to food. 

you need to find what works for you. you need to find your cryptonite. every person will have types of food that work for them and food that does not. Your diet should make you feel fantastic.......alive.....energetic!!!! if you feel sluggish, tired, like it is a trial to get through the day your diet may be to blame. 

my cryptonite is gluten. all forms of gluten and also some grains. i often felt tired and drained. i experienced pain after eating, in my stomach and back. this severely limited my productivity, it impacted my mental health and it built a negative relationship with food. this was present in my entire life, from the time of being a young child. i thought that this was normal, that everyone felt this way after eating. so i didn't complain about it or ask to see a doctor at that time. at the age of 32, when i had just started my chef-career i decided to tackle this problem once and for all. i eliminated all grains, gluten, caffeine and refined sugar from my diet. sometimes you get to the point where drastic measures are not just needed, they are the only option. slowly i introduced these things back into my diet. i could instantly tell if my body did not like what i had ingested.

i took this knowledge and used it to develop a diet for myself that gives me true vitality. over the course of my life i have progressed from a sickly-looking teen who often fainted, who was weak, depressed and experienced pain when eating to a strong vibrant active woman that celebrates food and all that it gives me. 

this process is something you need to go through if you are to truly understand what your body needs so that you can give it the diet that it deserves.