if your mom ever told you not to eat between meals i have good news for you ..... she was wrong. 

many athletes and bodybuilders eat 6-8 times a day because the nutritional benefits from it supports their activities. but this mode of eating can be useful for all. hunger is the enemy when you are trying to eat clean and healthy. when you are hungry your decision-making on what to eat is based on an emotional response rather than a logical one. when you are tired and hungry your body becomes a wailing screaming child. it shouts at your logical side, the adult, telling it to consume food and drink that will give it that quick fix of energy. i.e. high in fat and sugar and already prepared for you. by eating small meals but more often you can minimise these situations occurring. these occurrences are not only stressful for your body they are also stressful for your mental wellbeing. if you have ever rushed around a coffee shop trying to find a healthy snack you will know what i mean. of course you don't find a healthy snack, even the nuts are highly processed and covered in sugar. so you reach for the unhealthy option and hesitate.....you berate yourself for not being strong enough.....then reason that not eating is just as bad for you etc etc etc. what a process to go through!

the 6-8 meals can take the form of a breakfast, lunch and dinner with 3-5 snacks in between. this does not mean you will have to spend lots of time preparing food for each snack. after all this site is about minimising time spent preparing food whilst maximising results. a snack can be a few pieces of fruit, nuts, a smoothie or juice etc. 

there will be times you will get caught out. when you find yourself hungry, grouchy and wanting to show the finger to your diet. this is why you future proof your diet by carrying a stash of snacks with you at all times. it will be a lifesaver and it will stop your inner child making you reach for that bag of crap. 

and if you think eating all the time will appear unattractive.......well, Brad Pitt in Oceans eleven managed to retain his sex appeal whilst chowing down in every scene. he's also a plant-based clean-eater so you're in great company!!