as a private chef i create a menu for my clients every week. i sit down, i create time and space to do this to give it the attention it deserves and needs, i have a hot tea, i get my recipes and books, websites and my own recipes out. i look at what is seasonal, what recipes peak my interest and i write a menu for the entire week. after doing this job for two years this process takes me around 1 hour. i allow it to take that time and i do not rush it. this process will probably take you a little longer when you first do it. but it will speed up. 

this is a great process for you to build into your weekly schedule. if you create a healthy eating menu for yourself you will be able to make the right diet choices when your head is in a good space. you are relaxed, you have some time, you are not tired, you are thinking with your logical self. this is when you make good decisions. during the week when work is crazy, public transport is irritating, the weather is depressing, your head will not be in a good space. that mindset will not be able to make the right choice for you. but by creating the menu you have future-proofed yourself. the decision has already been made. it takes the thinking out of it, so speeds up the process too. 

after you have planned your menu make a list of all of the ingredients you will need. you can then order your fresh produce from a fruit and veg supplier to be delivered. many independent grocers offer this service now and their produce is always superior to even the highend supermarkets'. order all of the other items to be delivered from somewhere like Ocado. this process eliminates the need for you to visit the supermarket. which is great because 1. they are horrible places to be with hospital lighting, screaming children and miserable shoppers and 2. it is full of dirty processed food temptation and 3. as we are using up some of your time to create a menu we need to give you back that time and this is how we do it. would you rather spend an hour or so looking at recipes and online ordering from the comfort of your own home/bed/garden/deck chair etc or in supermarket hell?!

here is a menu i have created. you can use this as template or for inspiration. but remember there is a lot going on in this menu. i spend all day cooking, so the menu reflects that. 

this is where i get inspiration from.......





other books;

  • the flavour thesaurus by Niki segnit


this is where i order supplies from;

woo hoo!!! we're over half way. i'm sure you are loving all of the positive changes you are making to your diet. but to really make this change stick and have real impact on your life we have a few more steps to go......are you ready for step 6?