chefs work long hours standing on their feet. 12-14 hour days in hot steamy kitchens with stressed and shouty chefs. yes, it really is like that. apart from in marcus wareings' kitchen. but he's the exception. 

at the end of the night they can produce the same stunning plate they could at the start of service. my first job in a professional kitchen was as a pastry chef. pastry chefs plate the desserts. therefore we are always the last to leave. the trick is to not sit down. no matter how tired you get. in fact the more tired you are the more you have to stay standing. music helps to keep you motivated, i was introduced to polish hip-hop as a cure to kitchen tiredness!! and it works!!

you too can implement this practise into your daily life to help you create the from-scratch food that you deserve. most people get home from work and the first thing they do is to sit down on the sofa and switch on the tv. this is what is their habit, it is what they have always done, yet it does not serve them. this habit makes it extremely hard to find the energy and motivation to get up and create food. your body goes into recooperation mode. it thinks that the day is done so it winds down. but as your own private chef your day is not done. it does not end until you have created your evening meal. 

when you get home from work check your weeks menu. any choice or creative thinking has been eliminated via the menu. you know exactly what you have to do. to add a little fuel to your fire put on some music (polish hip-hop anyone?) and finish the job my friends.