to help you to cook speedily think of cooking as a gantt chart. if you're not familiar with these a gantt chart is a way of mapping out a project and all of the smaller projects and actions that go into the overall project. 

there are many different elements to a dish or to a meal. some processes will have to be done in order. for example, an onion will have to be chopped up and then fried, one cannot be done before the other or done at the same time. but some processes can be done in conjunction and, to speed up your cooking, you should utilise this as much as possible. so, with the example of the onion you can put your dry frying pan on the heat whilst you chop your onion. once chopped add the onion and oil to the pan at the same time and it will start cooking straight away. you should begin the cooking process of the items that take the longest at the very start of your cooking session (i.e. sweet potatoes in the oven, quinoa on to boil). all of these small things will shave lots of little bits of time off your cooking. adding up to a lot of time. 

i created a tapas style 4 dish meal for a friend and i yesterday in just 40 minutes using this method. it included both raw and hot cooked food. 

as i mentioned before (although it is well worth repeating) you can go one step further and cook certain ingredients in advance. you can do this on your day off or, to be even more streamlined, if you are using that ingredient cook more than you need so you can store the rest. this will not add to the time the dish takes to create but it will save you time when you use that preprepped ingredient. if you use this method you have literally created time.