having a healthy diet can seem like a difficult and insurmountable task if you only focus on what can't have. yes you should be eliminating the bad stuff but for every dish or ingredient you should replace it with 2 dishes or ingredients you have either never eaten or not explored fully.

we live in a culture that is used to having variety in food. to not have that will make healthy eating seem like an ordeal. if you only eliminate it will feel like an ascetic diet. you will get bored quickly and so you are likely to return to your old bad eating habits. 

this is a journey of discovery. you need to work to keep yourself excited about your new healthful diet. this is where the elements of play and creativity can be of such great value.

there is so much free and easily-accessible information on the internet. if you do not know what other foods to bring into your diet the internet will tell you.

here are a few ingredients that rock my world;

  • white quinoa
  • marigold braised tofu
  • clearspring silken tofu
  • clearspring white miso
  • taifun firm tofu
  • red meat radish
  • yuzu
  • shiso leaves
  • round italian aubergine
  • chia seeds
  • lucuma powder
  • heirloom tomatoes
  • cavolo nero
  • frozen baby broadbeans
  • frozen shelled edamame