We know that it can be difficult to find time away from a busy kitchen to train your staff. With this in-house on-site service Chef Day comes to you. Your staff can receive bespoke, team training using your own kitchen facilities so that everything you learn can immediately be implemented into your operations.

Chef Day will teach you, and your team, everything you need to know about vegan food so that you can easily and quickly develop a vegan offering at your establishment.

To set you apart from your competitors you need great vegan food. It attracts not only vegans but also flexitarians - a growing market in the UK. Although there is a lot of vegan recipes on the internet how do you know which work without trying them all? You don’t! For many food businesses experimenting with recipes just isn’t possible.

On our 1 day intensive course you will learn tried and tested recipes that you can immediately incorporate into your menu. You will be asked for information on your current menu / stock list so that recipes can be tweaked to fit within your menu and utilise the ingredients you already buy in. Chef Day will guide you through this whole process - from an introduction to vegan ingredients, through a variety of hands-on recipe creation and ending with how to implement dishes in your food establishment.

Chef Day Radley is an international professional chef, cooking teacher and food writer. In the last decade she has worked as Head Chef in three continents and, in recent years, as a private chef for a select few clients. Day regularly writes for UK & International Food magazines and has been featured on Sky News.

All recipes are simple yet effective, so they are easy to implement in a professional kitchen. You will be given an after-class support package where Chef Day will continue to support you remotely with the implementation of recipes.

All recipes are gluten free, adding another growing market to your menu!

Please register your interest by emailing us, with as much detail as possible, at hello@veganchefday.com. Chef Day will be in contact so that she can discuss your needs, possible dates and pricing.