This is for you

This is for every woman and man who has cried at their own naked reflection.  
This is for every person who looked at their own flesh with pure hatred.
This for everyone who hid their true self from the world.
This is for every person who feels exhausted and drained, who looks pale and sallow, who is limited in their experience of life because they permanently feel crappy. 
This is for every person who blames their own lack of strength and willpower for their 'failure'.
This is for every teenage girl, obese and diabetic, that cried to that camera, because no matter how much exercise she did she could not lose the weight that was killing her.
This is for every boy, girl, man and woman who stuck their finger down their throat in desperation.
This is for everyone who is confused, exasperated, depressed, panicked, lost, anxious and terrified because the food they are eating is not giving them the beautiful vibrant health they deserve.
This is for all of the families that have put their trust in big business only to be stabbed in the back.
This is for the potential world that could exist. A world where we are all doing our great work, supported by healthy food, the foundation of all life. 
We cannot continue this way. Our toxic relationship with food is killing us...............
Danaliese Radley