1 PAN DISH - yellow split pea dahl

Another 1 pan dish........this is an Indian inspired dish. It is so warming, it's healthy comfort food nourishing you from the inside. This is also a very cheap dish to create especially if you source your peas and spices from an Indian shop. These ingredients tend to be cheaper in Indian shops as opposed to UK supermarkets.


3 carrots, roughly chopped into chunks

1 large potato, cut into cubes

2 onion, sliced

1 cup split yellow peas

A handful of fresh curry leaves

1T black mustard seeds

1/2t turmeric

1T stock powder

1/4t ground cinnamon

1/2t ground ginger

1t Garam masala

Add all of the ingredients to your pan

Pour in enough water so the ingredients are just covered

Bring to the boil on a high heat then reduce to a simmer

Add a little hot water if the pan dries out too much (I keep a full kettle on stand by for dishes like this)

Cook for around 30-40 minutes until the rice is cooked through

Serve....it's that simple!!!

NB - I topped mine with buckwheat which is optional, you can top it with any seeds or chopped nuts.