12 holiday dishes - no. 3 blackbean GRAVY!!!!!

There are so many easy ways to make a vegan gravy, don't let your festive dinner down by using a readymade just-add-water gravy!!! This is a really simple tamarind gravy using tamarind paste I bought from Waitrose via Ocado (I hate shopping in supermarkets!). The tamarind is sour, the tamari is salty so they balance out each other. This is a non-traditional gravy recipe, kinda fancy, but if your prefer a traditional recipe click here for a recipe i made with The Vegan Society. 

Makes enough for 2 people

2T tamarind paste (please note that tamarind paste can vary in strength between brands, so you may need to alter the amount you use. Start by using half the amount and increase from there)

2T tamari (this is gluten free soya sauce, you can use soya sauce as a substitute)

1/2t onion salt

1t stock powder (I use Marigold)

1/2c water

40g black beans

Add all of the ingredients to a small pan, blend till smooth with a hand blender (it is best to tip the pan whilst you are doing this so that the blender does not damage the bottom of the pan). 

Warm the gravy on a low to medium heat. That's it. It's that simple!!!