Anti inflammatory ice cream

This one goes out to all my spin sisters and their glutes. After two years off most exercise due to a frozen shoulder😫I am back in the gym and literally busting my ass🍑with those lovely low moves in spin. They feel so good at the time but the next day.....O.....M......god on a bicycle. So I enlisted the help of the anti inflammatory superheroes in my cupboard - cayenne, cinnamon, turmeric, black pepper and ginger - blended them with frozen banana, date, hemp protein from the lovely guys @pulsinandbeond and KA-POW!!! We have a nice cream to soothe cat woman’s tired thighs after a night on the rooftops *sigh😍
This mix makes a rather unappealing camo colour of a nice cream. Which is fine if I ever find myself in some sort of predator type scenario and in need of dairy free frozen deliciousness. But until that time I will decorate this booty soothing bliss with more cayenne, pb and my most favourite ingredient.....buckwheat from clearspring. It’s a COMPLETE PROTEIN!!! You heard me. It’s complete! And it’s way less boring than quinoa and way less controversial than soy, the other vegan complete proteins. PLUS it’s adds a lovely crunchy top and has hit my list of the perfect nice cream ingredients


1 banana, chopped and frozen

A couple of soft dates

1 tablespoon hemp protein powder

A dash of cayenne, cinnamon, turmeric, black pepper and ginger

Simply blend all of these ingredients, serve with a generous dollop of peanut butter, an extra dash of cayenne and a scattering of buckwheat