Carrot ice cream

YOWZA😱!!CARROT ICE CREAM!!  POSITIVELY LUMINESCENT! Exploring just one type of dish is a great way to get creative. But I promise it’s back to the more traditional nice cream tomorrow before I go all ‘Heston’, making ice cream with soil, bark and leaves (which is what omnis think us vegans eat🙄) whilst fashioning it into a sculpture of your first teacher holding, in her arms, your first pet dog Poppet. Inducing you to cry with nostalgic joy. Seriously that guy got a bizillion Michelin stars for pulling weird creepy s*** like that.
But, get this, although carrot ice cream SOUNDS bonkers it’s actually based on a traditional Indian dessert, Gajar ka halwa. The nice cream is flavoured with cardamom, thickened with chick peas, sweetened with coconut sugar and topped with finely chopped almonds. Not a million miles away from the traditional dessert but 100% Vegán and totally healthy.


2 steamed carrots

A drop of cardamom essence or a pinch of ground cardamom

A handful chickpeas

Coconut sugar, to taste

Finely chopped almonds

Blend the carrots with cardamom, chickpeas and sugar

Freeze for 4 hours at least

Scoop into a bowl and top with the chopped almonds