Cavolo nero chips - spicy 'prawn cocktail' flavour

Prawn cocktail crisps are very UK specific...they don't even taste of prawn! It is a zingy slightly spicy flavour instead. This recipe is the closest I have been able to get to it, but it isn't exactly the same so please don't be disappointed. This is a yummy snack and a little different to the kale chips that are now ubiquitous. 

8-10 large cavolo nero, leaves removed from the stalk

1T sumac

A pinch of cayenne pepper

A pinch of smoked paprika

1/3t onion salt

4T ground almond

2T dairy free milk (unsweetened)

Heat your oven to 100c.

Put the cavolo nero leaves in a large bowl.

In a cup or glass mix the sumac, cayenne, paprika, onion salt, ground almond and dairy free milk.

Pour this onto the leaves and massage it in so that all the leaves are covered.

Lay out the leaves on baking paper on a baking tray, make sure that none are over lapping.

You can twist the leaves into shapes if you want to, they will retain the shape, circles is quite nice and looks great in a bowl. 

Bake for around an hour until they have crisped up. Allow to cool and serve. 

snacksDanaliese Radley