Champagne granita

🥂Champagne granita.
I often bitch and moan how most vegan food on tinternet ain’t fancy, it’s ain’t date night food. You know......those nights when you want to impress someone (get them into bed) and show them how much you love them (and their awesome boobs). Well we need to cater for those moments as well. Because I don’t care how your Buddha rainbow bowl represents all chakras or how bitchin’ your home brewed green tea kombucha tastes. It is not the culinary version of Barry White. But this is. Champagne granita with coconut sugar and frozen raspberry pieces. Use it as a palette cleanser between courses to be extra fancy. Use these recipes off my site for a super sexy romantic vegan food extravaganza -
Champagne mushroom risotto with black rice
Homemade gluten free pasta with 3 ingredient no-cook sauce (for that Lady and the Tramp moment)
Champagne granita
Apricots covered in chocolate with pistachio (which you can feed to each other)
You can thank me later.....😉


For the granita simply freeze champagne, use a fork to scrape it into shards, put this into a chilled bowl with a scattering of coconut sugar and frozen raspberries

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