Cinnamon coconut torte

If you do not have a chopper attachment or food processor to grind the almonds you can use ground almonds instead. This is a great way to test out recipes without buying a new kitchen tool. This torte is frozen, if you need to leave it in the freezer for longer than an hour you will need to defrost it for around 10 minutes before cutting into it.

For the base -

200g almonds

1/4c date syrup

1/2c cacao powder

For the top -

2c cashews

1/2c coconut milk

1/4c date syrup

2t ground cinnamon

Line the base of a 20cm springform cake tin

Grind the almonds in the chopper attachment of a hand blender

Add the date syrup and cacao and blend

Put this into the cake tin, press firmly with the back of a spoon

Freeze the base while you are making the top

Blend cashews, milk, syrup and cinnamon

Add this to the cake tin

Freeze for an hour or so until just set