Coconut brownie with mojito ice cream

This is recipe demonstrates how easy raw brownies and soft scoop ice cream is to make. And with no expensive equipment! The hand blender I use costs £35.....I do use it in a lot of my recipes. It has a chopper attachment and whisk. This is a great cheap piece of kit to buy as you can do so many things with it and it doesn't take up much space.

This is a great base recipe for raw brownies and an easy one to remember too, 4 parts ground nuts to 1 part each of oil, syrup and cacao. You can substitute the syrup or nuts for another type of syrup or nuts. You could add spices, Himalayan salt or goji berries.  

1/4c* coconut oil

1/4c cacao or cocoa

1/4c date syrup

1c ground almond

*1/4c is 60ml which is 4 tablespoons, you can measure it out whichever way suits you

1 banana, chopped and frozen

1/2 a ripe avocado

The juice of 1 lime

A few sprigs of mint

1T white miso

1/2t matcha

Melt the coconut oil in a glass in a bowl with hot water

Mix the cacao and syrup and oil in a bowl

Add the almond and mix well

Spoon this onto a tray with baking paper and freeze whilst you are making the ice cream

In a jug blend the bananas, avocado, lime juice, mint, miso and matcha. 

Spoon the ice cream into a bowl, cut the brownie and place next to it.


Danaliese Radley