Colour therapy smoothie bowl

Oh my gosh I love this!!!! It is a perfect blend of food and 2 favourite things. 

This recipe features in one of my Sunday Cookalongs.....where I cook from my kitchen and you cook from yours via Facebook Live. 

1 bananas

1/2c coconut yoghurt

1/2c dairy free milk

½ a lemon, zested

1/4t turmeric powder

A handful of fresh or frozen raspberries

1t beetroot powder

A handful of baby spinach

1/2t spirulina powder


Blend the bananas, yoghurt and milk till smooth, portion it into 3 bowls.

In the first bowl add the lemon zest and turmeric, blend.

In the second bowl add the raspberries and beetroot powder, blend.

In the third bowl add the spinach and spirulina, blend.

In your serving bowl add a large spoonful of each mixture, one at a time.

Once all of the smoothie is in your bowl use your finger to create beautiful patterns.