Day of the Dead Banana Bread

It's that time again! When food can be delightfully ghoulish. Here I use my simple banana bread recipe which is gluten and refined sugar free. You can see the banana bread recipe here. I added 1t cinnamon and 1/2t ground ginger to the banana bread, to make it feel more autumnal.

For the decoration;


Red food colouring

Green food colouring

Vegan jelly sweets

1 handful pecans

1/2T ground cacao

1T rice syrup or other syrup

Cocktail sticks

To make the gravestone roll out a little marzipan, form into an arch shape. Use the cocktail stick to write on it.

To make the arms add a little red dye to some marzipan and work into it, knead and fold, just as you would with bread dough. Roll into 2 cylinders, bending elbows and forming wrists and hands.

To make the grass knead green colouring into some marzipan. Roll into long strips and lay around the edge of the bread, using a fork press down creating indents.

To make the flowers roll 24 very small marzipan balls and cut 6 small pieces of the jelly sweets. Take 4 of the marzipan balls and put around a piece of the jelly sweet, add these to the banana bread.

For the soil use a chopper attachment of a hand blender to grind the pecans and cacao. Once ground add the syrup and grind again.

Use a knife to make indents in the bread where the gravestone and arms will be. Cover it in soil. Add the gravestone and arms. Break a cocktail stick in half, put them into the arms so the arms stay up. Use a cocktail stick to add drops of red food colouring to the gravestone, add drops to the top of the stone and eventually they will drop down. Guide it through the letters if you need to.