Dirty clean nachos

It feels like junk food but this recipe is oh so wonderfully clean! And, like many of my recipes, it’s ready in 15 minutes once you get the hang of it. As with all my speedy recipes the first time will be slower, as it is new to you and you are reading and rereading the recipe. But, once you have cooked this a few times, you will speed up, making it a great go-to recipe when you are hungry and short on time.

Makes enough for 1 person

6T gram flour

6T water

1/2t onion salt

1/2t sweet smoked paprika

1/2T sunflower oil or similar

2 spring onions, roughly chopped

100g mushrooms, roughly chopped

1 red pepper, seeds and stem removed, roughly chopped

50g mini corn

1 can black beans, drained and rinsed well

1/2t ground cumin

1/2t cayenne pepper

1/2t stock powder

1/4c water

A handful or coriander leaves

Salt, to taste

1 gem lettuce, shredded

1 lime, cut in quarters

A few sesame seeds for decoration


Set your oven to 200c

In a cup mix the gram flour with the water, onion salt and paprika, you will have to squish the flour on the side of the cup so that you remove any lumps. Set this aside to thicken for a few minutes.

In a large frying pan heat the oil, after a minute add the onions, mushrooms, pepper and corn. Fry for a couple of minutes.

Put a sheet of baking paper on a baking tray, pour the batter onto the paper, in the centre, spread out into a circle with a spoon. Put this into the oven.

In a cup mix the cumin, cayenne pepper, stock powder and water, pour this onto the frying veg and stir well. Add the beans, coriander leaf, salt and the juice of half the lime. Reduce the heat to medium.

Check your batter in the oven, it should have dried and be starting to brown on the edges, remove it from the paper, turn over and bake for a couple of minutes until this side is dry also. Cut into small triangles.

Spoon the veggies onto your plate, top with the chips, then the lettuce, lime and lastly a scatter of lovely seeds.