Duxelle pancakes......an earthy savoury mushroom recipe

I am always looking for ways to deepen the flavour of mushrooms, using tamari and liquid smoke often. I only use brown mushrooms and forsake the ghost So of course I was naturally intrigued when I read this simple recipe from the 17th century that purports to maximise mushroom flavour. I gave it a whirl and it works! I paired it with gluten free sun dried tomato crepes.......a heavenly combination.


Makes enough for 4 as a starter or 2 as a main (serve with a rocket salad if a main)

For the duxelle

40g shiitake mushrooms, soaked in warm water for 20 minutes

240g chestnut mushrooms or any brown mushroom

80g shallot, finely diced

Extra virgin olive oil

The leaves from 4g thyme stems

Remove the stems from the shiitake, these are often too tough to be pleasant to eat. Put them into the chopper attachment of a handblender (or food processor) and pulse until they are in small pieces. 

Roughly chop the other mushrooms and pulse them also, now squeeze the water out of them. This is an important step as the water would make the mushrooms soggy. 

Fry the shallots in a dash of olive oil for 5 minutes on a medium heat until they are translucent and soft. Add the mushrooms and thyme to the pan, stir well and reduce the heat to very low.

Cook for around 20 minutes until the flavour has intensified and all liquid has evaporated. Add salt only after you have tasted it as it may already be flavoursome enough. 

For the crepes

60g sun dried tomatoes

8T / 120ml aquafaba (the water from a can or jar of chick peas)

140g gram flour

8 tablespoons nutritional yeast 

1/2 teaspoon salt

250ml dairy free milk (unsweetened)

Whilst the duxelle is cooking you can make the crepes. Warm a frying pan and keep it on a low heat while you make the batter.

Blend the tomatoes with the aquafaba with a hand blender or similar. Add the gram flour and nutritional yeast, salt and 1/4 of the milk, blend again then add the rest of the milk and blend one final time. Let the batter rest and thicken for 5 minutes. 

Add a dash of oil to the pan, Add 3 ladles of the batter so you make 3 small crepes, once they are cooked on the bottom, flip and fry the other side. Once they are cooked on both sides remove from the pan and put onto a plate and then cover them with a tea towel. Cook the remaining crepes. 

To serve stack the pancakes with duxelle in between each layer.

White pepper, truffle oil and thyme leaves are all options for a last minute addition to your plate.

Duxelle would work well as a dry pasta sauce, see here for my fresh gluten free pasta recipe.