Easy veg spaghetti with piquant sauce

This is a super simple quick recipe.....but it looks kinda fancy. It's perfect for a dinner party as a light starter or a main. 

Makes enough for 1 person

2 handfuls of spiralised veg such as butternut squash, courgette, swede, celeriac. If you use large veg peel it and cut it into quarters before spiralising

5 sundried tomatoes (use the ones in oil as they are softer and so easier to blend)

2T black olives (use nice olives, not the awful tinned olives!)

1/2T white miso

A few thyme and sage leaves

1 handful of baby spinach

1 small parsnip, peeled

1/2T nutritional yeast

Put your spiralised veg into a large bowl

Blend the tomatoes, olives, miso and herbs with a hand blender. If the blender is finding this difficult add a splash of water.

Add the sauce to the spaghetti, massage in with your hands. 

Add the spinach, mix briefly and put onto your plate. If you use your hands for this you can get it to sit nice and high - restaurant style.

Finely grate the parsnip, mix it with the nutritional yeast using your finger tips, sprinkle onto the spaghetti and serve.