Espresso bombe

Epic espresso cacao bombe!! This is the shiznit and so god damn easy. If you don’t make this I will come to your house and want to know why! This is BY FAR the best ice cream I’ve ever made. See me make it LIVE on FB HERE
I blended frozen banana with coffee grounds, a drop of cardamom from my new besties @holylamaspicedrops and a ton of raw cacao. This part can be bitter because......on the inside is salted date caramel 🤯. Yeah, you heard right.....SALTED.....DATE.....CARAMEL. The super sweet date balances the coffee and cacao as perfectly as Flying Lotus balances out ABBA in your music collection. And I know what you’re thinking. Day, you’re a chef and that probably took ages to make and is super complicated. Well, in your face Insta friends! Because that part is also as easy as a Sunday morning. Blend squishy dates (cheap from the Turkish shop) with salted caramel flavouring (from fancypants Waitrose) and a dash of water. EEE-ZEEE!!! Fill the banana mixture into a mould halfway. Add the date and top with the rest of the banana mixture. What could be simpler?


Makes 2

4-6 soft dates with a splash of water (you need enough for the blender to work with)

A few drops of salted caramel flavouring

2 frozen bananas, chopped and frozen

1-2 teaspoons coffee grounds, depending on your preference

2 tablespoons raw cacao

A splash of dairy free milk (if the blender struggles)

A drop of cardamom spicedrop or a pinch of ground cardamom

Cacao nibs (optional)

Blend the dates and salted caramel flavouring

Blend the bananas with the coffee, cacao and cardamom (plus the milk if needed)

Fill a pudding mould to halfway, add the date caramel to the centre and then top up with the rest of the ice cream. Freeze for a few hours till set.

Serve with a generous scattering of cacao nibs.