Ginger cake ice cream


As a kid in the β€˜80s I LOVED Jamaican Ginger Cake with Birdseye custard. I also loved NKOTB, Vanilla Ice, ALF, She-ra, Clara the long distant driver, salt n’ shake, Murdock, Tony Hart, garbage pail kids and Death by Stereo!!!! 🀘
I relived my childhood by making ginger cake nice cream (frozen banana, molasses, ground ginger/cinnamon/nutmeg topped with white chocolate - NOM!). I could have played NKOTB and Vanilla Ice and sung along as I still know all the words yet can’t remember what I’m meant to be doing tomorrow. But my music tastes have thankfully moved on. Even though Jump by Kris Kross remains my favourite song. But seriously, that is a classic!
Jump jump
The Mac Dad will make you jump jump
Daddy Mac will make you jump jump
Kris Kross will make you jump jump

1 banana, chopped and frozen

Molasses, to taste

A splash of dairy free milk (if the blender struggles)

A generous pinch of cinnamon and ginger

Simply blend and top with roughly chopped white chocolate and a fresh grating of nutmeg