Lazy peashoot salad with miso dressing and lots of mint

Sometimes I can't be bothered to cook....just like everyone else. Those times are tricky as it is too easy to eat something processed and not entirely healthy. I love lazy salads that are packed with flavour like this one. 

Makes enough for one person

2 handfuls of peashoots

2 cucumbers, roughly chopped

A handful of sundried tomatoes, I run boiling water on them to get rid of the oil and I cut them with scissors as that is easier than a knife

A big bunch of mint, roughly sliced

1T white miso

The juice of 1 lemon

1T nutritional yeast

Some shelled hemp seeds or sesame seeds

Mix the peashoots, cucumber, tomatoes and mint in a large bowl

Mix the miso, lemon juice and nutritional yeast in a glass and add to the salad

Use your hands to mix well so that all of the leaves are covered with the dressing

Put the salad onto your plate and top with the seeds