Lemongrass stirfry

Making a spice paste can bring your curries and stir-fry’s to another level. By blending the ingredients you create a thick and flavoursome sauce that really packs a punch. You can make multiple amounts of the paste and freeze for later use.

This recipe makes 2 portions

1 garlic clove

1 lemongrass, roughly chopped

1 inch fresh turmeric

1 inch galangal

1 kaffir lime leaf

2 teaspoon sunflower oil

1 teaspoon water

1 bunch coriander stems

2 teaspoon tamari

2 pack mini corn

1 pack mangetout

1 pack beansprouts

1 lime cut into quarters

Blend the garlic, lemongrass, turmeric, galangal, kaffir leaf, oil, water and coriander stems in the chopper attachment of a blender or a food processor

Blend till very smooth

Heat a large frying pan, add the spice paste, fry on a medium heat, scraping from the bottom of the pan making sure it doesn’t burn

Slice the corn and mangetout lengthways

Push the paste over to one side of the pan

Add the corn, mangetout and beansprouts l

Fry for a few minutes then mix into the paste

Cook for 5 more minutes

Add the tamari and salt to taste

Serve on brown rice with the lime wedges on the side