Matcha cacao easy ice cream in a nana split - PERISCOPE

This was the first dessert I created live on Periscope. It needed to be easy so no blender or ice cream machine would be needed, just bowls and a fork! 

I used matcha, green tea powder and paired it with coconut, cacao and raspberry. It's a great combo! The matcha is made by Mighty Matcha, a company that solely focuses on making amazing matcha! It is high in anti oxidants so it can add years to your life! Click here to go to the Mighty Match site. 


1 RIPE avocado - it must be ripe 

1 lime

7T coconut milk

1t matcha powder

1T date syrup

A handful raspberries

2t raw cacao

To serve - one banana per person and a handful of raspberries

Cut and peel the avocado removing the stone. Put the avocado into a bowl, use a fork to mush it up. Add the juice of the lime, this breaks down the avocado and makes it easier to mush up. 

Add the coconut milk and match, mix well. Now add the date syrup, but please don't be put off by the nasty colour that of the ice cream! Finally add the cacao and the colour is back to yummy!!!

Pour into a tupaware box, freeze for a couple of hours, remove, allow to soften and mix again. Keep repeating this process until the ice crystals have gone. Or until you can't resist eating it!

To serve cut the bananas in half, add the ice cream and some raspberries.