Smoked ice cream


This one is the 😻’s miaow. Seriously. Slap this one on a fine dining menu and it would be right at home between the foam that quite frankly looks like gob and the jus painted on the plate that quite frankly looks like a bad imitation of modern art sold on a back street in Prague. It is the Mutts!!! Why? Because the combination of liquid smoke and cacao is MIND BLOWING!!!! I added a cheeky dash of habanero Tabasco too. Just to push it over the edge into culinary anarchy. So whilst I am blowing your mind I am also teasing you with a counterplay between hot and cold. Blowing your 🧦 off too. To be extra pretentious (well, I WAS an art student) I added a scattering of ground hazelnuts, cacao nibs and @linwoodshealthfoods cacao linseed mix. I used a base of frozen banana and squidgy dates bought (for cheaps) at the Turkish shop. The dates stop the nice cream from melting quickly so you have time to take lots of photos so you can show off to your friends on insta!

1 banana, chopped and frozen

1 tablespoon ground cacao

A couple of soft dates

A splash of liquid smoke

A dash of habanero tabasco (optional....not for the fainthearted)

Simply blend till smooth and serve with a scattering of ground hazelnut, raw cacao and Linwoods ground flax cacao mix.