Spiced and scrambled tofu

Scrambled tofu is a staple of a vegan diet but I have always found it too dry (when using firm tofu) or too wet (when using silken). Until I added a gram flour batter. The combination of firm tofu and this batter creates a texture that is perfect. Not too wet, not too dry. 

A splash of sunflower oil

100g spring onion, finely sliced. This is around 6-8 spring onions

1 block firm tofu, drained and briefly pressed in a clean tea towel

1T tamari (or soya sauce if you are not gluten free)

1/2c gram flour (this is chickpea flour, sometimes known as besan flour)

1/2c water

1 handful coriander leaf, roughly chopped

Salt to taste 

In a frying pan heat the oil on a high heat

Add the spring onions, fry for a few minutes until they have softened

Add the block of tofu to the pan. Use flat part of the fork to break the tofu apart into small pieces.

Allow this to fry for a few minutes then add the tamari, mix well

Continue frying so that the tofu starts to crisp up

Mix the gram flour and water, mix well to remove all lumps

Pour this into the pan, add the coriander and salt and mix

Cook on a medium heat for 5-10 minutes turning occasionally, the mixture will thicken 

Serve with all of your favourite fried breakfast elements