Strawberry white pepper mousse

Agar is a fabulous ingredient, it’s a substitute for gelatin. You need to work quickly with it as it sets as it cools down. Use this recipe as a blueprint swapping out the strawberries for other fruits and changing the pepper for a dash of spice or flavouring.

This recipe makes 4 mousse

250g strawberries

1 pack Clearspring silken tofu

1 & 1/2t agar flakes

1/3c water

1t coconut sugar

1/2t ground white pepper

Using an immersion / hand blender or food processor purée the strawberries and silken tofu*

In a small pan mix the agar flakes, water and sugar

Bring to boiling point and boil for 2 minutes. The agar flakes should have dissolved, check they have by putting some on a metal spoon. If they haven't dissolved yet keep boiling

The mixture will thicken slightly but should still be runny

Quickly pour it into the strawberry tofu mixture, add the pepper and blend once more

Pour into 4 ramekins

Chill for at least 30 minutes before serving

*there is a difference between silken and firm tofu so be sure to use silken for this recipe. I find Clearspring produces the best silken tofu in the UK