Sweet potato porridge with cinnamon and ginger

1 medium small potato, baked (I use leftovers for the previous evenings dinner)

1 handful oats

1 handful quinoa flakes (substitute with more oats if you don't have these)

1 cup dairy free milk 

1/2t ground cinnamon

1/2t ground ginger

1t coconut jam or date or rice syrup

A few chopped nuts - i used roasted and chopped hazelnuts but you can use any.....roasting isn't necessary but for some nuts it will make them more flavoursome

  • Mush the sweet potato with a fork or with your fingers
  • Put all of the ingredients except the nuts into a pan. Simmer gently on a low - medium heat.
  • Stir occasionally. Once the porridge has thickened (around 5 minutes) pour into a bowl and top with the nuts.