Vegan aioli with sweet potato wedges and quick refried beans - PERISCOPE

This is a super quick recipe that I demonstrated in my second Periscope this evening. Periscope is a live streaming app so we can cookalong together, you from your home and me from mine. Every sunday I will show you a recipe and release details of the ingredients needed every friday on my facebook and the Vegan UK and Vegan Food UK facebook groups. 

For 2 people

700g sweet potato, cut into thin wedges

1 can beans such as haricot, borlotti or kidney

1/2t hot smoked paprika

1/2t cumin

A handful of coriander leaf

Juice of 1/2 a lemon

Splash of olive oil

Splash of water

2 spring onion

2t marmite or yeast extract

1 small garlic

1t stock powder

3T water from a jar or can of chickpeas

1T lemon juice

1/2t mustard powder or mustard such as Dijon

1/4t salt

1 small garlic

3/4c extra virgin olive oil

Heat your oven to 220c, place the sweet potato on a tray so they don't overlap, bake on the top shelf of the oven. They will take around 15 minutes to make, just the right amount of time you will need to make the other parts of this dish.

Drain and rinse the beans well, put them into a bowl with the spices, coriander, juice, oil, water, spring onion, yeast extract, garlic and stock. Blend with a hand blender, but just a little so that there are still pieces of beans, not so that it is puree. 

Put the beans in a saucepan and place a lid on top. Heat on a low to medium heat. 

Now make the aioli. Put the chickpea water, juice, mustard, salt and garlic in a bowl, blend till combined. Don't worry if the garlic is not completely blended. With the blender on and in the bowl add the oil slowly. When you have added 2/3 of the oil it will start to thicken. In the event that your mixture does not thicken try using a different brand of chickpeas or a jar of chickpeas. 

Put the aioli into a ramekin or small dish. Put this onto your dinner plate with your wedges and beans.