Vegan and gluten free tea loaf with butter


For the tea loaf

35g sultanas
90g dried apricots
60g chopped dates
40g raisins
250ml strong black tea
1T ground flax + 2T water
50g tapioca flour
50g rice flour
50g oat flour
1/4t bicarbonate of soda
1t baking powder

Chop the apricots
Put the dried fruit in a bowl with the tea
Soak for 6 hours or more
Mix the flours and raising agents
Add the fruit and tea and mix well
Pour into a loaf tin
Bake on 180c for 30 minutes
Cover with foil and bake for another 45 minutes

For the butter

3T thick aquafaba
1/4t salt
1/2c sunflower oil
1/4c extra virgin olive oil

Put the aquafaba and salt in a high sided bowl
Add a little sunflower oil and blend with a hand blender
Keep adding the oil in parts, with each addition blend until you have mixed in all of the sunflower and olive oil
Cover the inside of a tupaware box with 2 layers of clingfilm
Pour in the butter and freeze for 20 minutes
The butter can be kept in the freezer and will remain spreadable

snacksDanaliese Radley