Vegan butter!!!!!!

3T aquafaba  (I previously used thick AF from jars not cans but have since tried this recipe out with cans from Tesco and East End and both work. The AF is thin but the results are the same. When an AF recipe doesn't work it is usually the brand of chickpeas that is the problem)
1/4t salt
1/2c sunflower oil
1/4c extra virgin olive oil

Put the aquafaba and salt in a high sided bowl
Add a little sunflower oil and blend with a hand blender
Keep adding the oil in parts, with each addition blend until you have mixed in all of the sunflower and olive oil
Cover the inside of a tupaware box with 2 layers of clingfilm
Pour in the butter and freeze for 20 minutes
The butter can be kept in the freezer and will have the same consistency as dairy butter that has been in the fridge. You can just put it in the fridge if you prefer.