Vegan 'fish'fingers

2 sheets of nori

1 can of chickpeas, drained and rinsed

1 can of GREEN jackfruit in WATER NOT BRINE

80g leek, finely sliced

Sunflower or rapeseed oil

1/4 - 1/2t salt

2T dairy free unsweetened milk (optional, use this if the mixture is too dry, if you can mould it you won't need this)

50g gluten free breadcrumbs

Toast the nori is a dry frying pan on a high heat until it starts to blacken and crumple

Put the nori into the chopper attachment of a hand blender or a food processor

Grind until it is small flakes, put into a large bowl

Add the jackfruit to the blender or food processor and mix until it is flakes but not so much that it becomes mush, put this into the large bowl

Heat a little oil, fry the leeks on a low heat until soft

Add the leeks, chickpeas, salt and milk (if using), blend till smooth, add to the large bowl and mix everything well

Roll out between 2 sheets of greaseproof paper, cut into 10 slices

Pour the breadcrumbs onto a plate, take one slice of the mixture, squeeze between your hands (this will hold them together more when cooking), roll in the breadcrumbs

Do this with all of the mixture

Pour a thin layer of oil into a frying pan, heat till very hot, fry the 'fish'fingers on each side till browned and crispy

Drain on kitchen roll to get rid of any excess oil

Serve with avocado, sugarsnap peas with capers and aioli (see the recipe for aioli here)