Zesty fresh summer chia pudding

This is a super easy breakfast that will take you minutes to make. And you don't even make it in the morning when you are a sleepy head but the night before! Make it in the containers you will be eating from using transportable containers if you are in such a morning rush you have to take it to work with you. In this recipe I use papaya seeds as well as the papaya flesh, they are wonderfully peppery and add a lovely crunchy texture. 

Makes enough for 2 hungry people 

For the pudding -

2 medium bananas

The zest of 1/2 a lime

1/2 cup pitted, roughly chopped, soaked dates (soak for 10 minutes in warm water, drain but keep the water, it's great to add to a smoothie or to have as a pre workout drink)

1/2c ground almonds, freshly ground or pre-ground

1 cup of water

2T chia seeds

Toppings (optional) -

Shaved papaya

Papaya seeds

Ground cacao nibs

Blend all of the pudding ingredients together, except the chia seeds, till smooth. You can use a jug or hand blender for this. Mix in the chia seeds and pour into bowls. Leave in the fridge overnight. Add the toppings in the morning and eat!