“Vegan cuisine will not have a great impact unless we create great chefs” Chef Day Radley, Founder

The Vegan Chef School has a radically progressive mission - to move forward veganism, sustainability and compassionate ways of being through communication, learning, research and development.

Learning, and the implementation of that learning in the real world, is at the core of The Vegan Chef School. However, it is not limited to this but rather, it serves are a starting point for a broad programme of activity. The various elements of The VCS thrive on mutual engagement with one another. The programme will evolve to reflect the changing needs of conscious consumerism, society and technology.

Through various research pathways the VCS will be a major voice in innovation and retrospection; seeking ways to move contemporary vegan cuisine forward whilst documenting and honouring it’s past. The VCS aims to be a catalyst in raising urgent questions that concern compassionate living, which the vegan cuisine sector is at the core of, and explore sustainable and healthy ways to move forward as a business, as humans and society as a whole.