Chef Day Radley is an international professional chef, cooking teacher and food writer. In the last decade she has worked as Head Chef in three continents and, in recent years, as a private chef for a select few clients. Day regularly writes for UK & International Food magazines and has been featured on Sky News.

Day has been vegan for 24 years and a pro chef for almost a decade. She became vegan at age 17 and started to explore the possibilities of this cuisine using her creativity as an artist. Day had a difficult relationship with food for many years. It was through research into the nutrition of animal free food that Day learnt the possibilities of food to support a vibrant life. She teaches others to heal their relationship with food in her book, Love.Food.

“I had this huge, difficult journey with food and I came through the other side of it understanding what food actually is. I can now make informed choices and be really excited about cooking and food. Discovering how to feed myself properly was something I wanted to give to other people.”